At Physio on wheels we know and understand the importance of NDIS reports and are experts in helping parents and individuals getting individualised and concise reports, Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can provide assessment and reports for individuals with ASD and other related conditions.


Assessments evaluate an individual’s difficulties, the type of difficulties they are experiencing, the severity of their difficulties and how these difficulties are impacting the individual in their everyday lives.


Reports provide a detailed overview of the patient’s assessment results, treatment and any recommendations which have been made by the therapist. Physio on Wheels can provide reports on request by the individual, their parents / carers or other professionals involved in their care.

At Physio on Wheels we can provide specialist reports which include:

  • Reports for NDIS
  • Reports for new equipment or orthotics as needed
  • Statement of Special Educational Needs

At Physio on wheels we can provide assessments at a time and location to suit your needs; in the home, school and clinic environments.

Got Questions?

  • One on One Treatment
  • No wait times
  • No travelling
  • Appointments to suit your desired times including late evenings or weekends.
  • Latest equipment with evidence-based care provided by Post graduate qualified Physio & EP.
  • Male & Female Physio available

Private patients – No referral is necessary.

NDIS – No referral necessary.

DVA/Medicare or work injury clients do need a referral from a GP to be covered.

We Bulk Bill DVA + Workcover, CTP clients.

We cover a large portion of North Brisbane – Call us on 0447 664 941 to find out if we can help.

Please use the contact us form on our website and one of our team members will call you within in 24 hours to discuss your needs, alternatively please call us on 0447 664 941 to make a booking with one of our Physio’s or EP’s.

At Physio on wheels, our team carries all the necessary equipment which may be needed to provide a comprehensive service to you in thew comfort of your own home.

Light, comfortable clothing

Our physiotherapist will do a comprehensive assessment and treatment during the session. The treatment at home may include massage, joint mobilisation, Exercise prescription followed by a detailed home based exercise program.

Either before or after consultation.

Cash, credit card are accepted. For NDIS, Workcover or DVA clients our team processes the invoice which is then sent directly to your plan manager or case officer.

No, you will have to claim online once an invoice has been paid. Mobile terminals are not supported by health funds.